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Translations are performed by an Associate Member Translator of ATIS (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan); this association operates under the national body known as CTTIC (Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council). Our translations are accepted by IRCC, Canadian Courts, Passport Office, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP), World Education Services (WES), Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutes, among others.

All translated documents meet the exact requirements and specifications set forth by IRCC.

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Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate


Divorce Certificate

Diploma and Transcript

Police Certificate

Military Service Records

Driver's License


Translations are performed with ATIS Associated Translator's Affidavit and are certified by a Canadian Notary Public.
Such translations are 100% accepted in all provinces of Canada.


TRANSLATION FOR IMMIGRATION PURPOSES: All kinds of documents, including Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Police certificates, Diplomas, Transcripts etc., required for application for Visa, PR, Citizenship


TRANSLATION OF MEDICAL DOCUMENTS: Discharge summaries, Medical examination conclusions, Lab Tests results, Immunization cards, Prescriptions, Diagnostic studies results, Inquiries to foreign clinics and correspondence with them etc.


TRANSLATION OF LEGAL DOCUMENTS FOR BUSINESS & PERSONAL USE: Court documents, Constituent documents, Contracts and agreements, Registration and notarial documents, Licences, Certificates, etc.




Translations for immigration purposes and submission to official institutions (affidavit and notarization included)
Standard document (Birth/Marriage/Death/Divorce certificates, Driver's licenses, Police certificates, Military Service documents, Passports etc.)

$40 - Non-urgent translation (2-5 business days)

$55 - Urgent translation (1 business day)



University, College, High School Diplomas with transcripts, bank statements, Excerpts from Registries, legal documents

$40/page* - Non-urgent translation (2-5 business days)

$55/page* - Urgent translation (1 business day)


*Please send us your source document to info@prof-translation.ca for exact price

Standard translation without notarization
Financial, legal, medical documents

$25 - Standard page (up to 250 words)

$0.05/word - Documents more than 250 words                         

Notary Public Services

$30 - True copy certification

$30 - Certification of signatures on documents                                   

* - Other notarial services (on request)


$5 - Hard copies of documents delivery (Canada Post, regular mail)


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Перекладала пакет документів для подачі на PR. Все виконали швидко і якісно. Рекомендую!

Вікторія Гаврилова

Дуже вдячний за супер-швидкий переклад водійського посвідчення для SGI, виконали і завірили все менше ніж за 2 години. Якісний сервіс.


Thank you for your work. Translations were made faster than in other companies. And they professionally answered all my numerous questions. Good job!



Does your translation meet the IRCC requirements?

Yes, translations for immigration purposes are performed with strict adherence to the IRCC requirements.

Will a translation executed and certified in Saskatchewan be valid in other Canadian provinces?

Yes, our translations can be used anywhere in Canada except for Quebec. They will be accepted by all official institutions.

Do translations have a validity term?

A translation cannot change over time and should be valid indefinitely unless the original document has changed or has expired. If the signature of a certified translator or notary has expired, it does not invalidate the translation. As long as the translator’s certification was valid at the time of signature, the translation remains valid.
The only time the translation would expire and a new translation would be required is if the original document has expired or has changed and the applicant submits a new document.

What does the ready translation include?

The ready translation will consist of three parts: the translator's affidavit, certified by a notary public, a scanned copy of the original document, and a translation of the document.

What do I need to provide to the translator?

To perform the translation, the translator must be provided with a high-quality scanned copies of the original documents (in PDF, jpeg, png format) and the spelling of names as in foreign passports. All other personal names/names of administrative units will be transliterated according to established transliteration rules.


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